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Ontario’s Human Rights Code was enacted in 1962. The code protects people in Ontario against discrimination in employment, accommodation, goods, services and facilities, and membership in vocational associations and trade unions. Even though Ontario has led the way in Canada for human rights, many Ontarians don’t fully understand the breadth of their rights under the code. Our firm, as part of our commitment to the Human Rights Code, has created a package of services to evaluate, draft, and submit a claim to the Ontario Human Rights Commission on your behalf. The following information is general information only and should not be construed as comprehensive, complete, or as a substitute for legal advice. Please contact a legal professional for a consultation to be fully aware of your legal rights and obligations.

How Human rights laws are enforced

Generally, discrimination and harassment are dealt with through the complaint mechanisms of the Human Rights Commission, or in the case of unionized employees, through the grievance arbitration process. Human rights laws prohibit discrimination and harassment based on “prohibited grounds.” There are 15 prohibited grounds:
1) Race; 2) Ancestry;
3) Place of origin; 4) Colour;
5) Ethnic origin; 6) Citizenship;
7) Religion or creed; 8) Gender;
9) Age; 10) Handicap or disability;
11) Sexual orientation; 12) Marital status;
13) Family status; and in some cases, 14) Criminal record and
15) Receipt of public assistance

The five main situations or social areas in which discrimination and harassment are prohibited are:
1) Employment;
2) Accommodation;
3) The provision of services, goods, and facilities;
4) Contracts; and
5) Membership in a trade union or vocational association.

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access legal services professional legal services gta greater toronto area professional legal services


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