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Home insurance claims can be an extremely complex process for Ontarians. A house is usually one of our largest and most valuable investments, which makes the need for our services to protect your investment and rights even higher. Access Legal Services can assist with HICs by communicating with insurance companies and third parties on behalf of clients, filing the HIC and secondary reports, negotiating settlements with insurance companies and, as a final step, representing the HIC in court to reimburse the client.

The following information is general information only and should not be construed as comprehensive, complete, or as a substitute for legal advice. Please contact a legal professional for a consultation so you are aware of your complete rights and obligations.

On Deductibles

Most insurance claims are subject to a deductible, which is the initial amount of every claim that is paid by the policyholder. Deductibles help make insurance more affordable for everyone by eliminating minor nuisance claims. Keep the amount of your deductible in mind when making a claim. If a policy has a $500 deductible, for example, you would receive only $100 for a $600 claim.

Reporting and Submitting Claims

It is important that claimants understand there are stringent regulations and timelines on reporting and submitting claims for property damage. Damages must be reported to the insurance company within 48 hours. If there has been theft or burglary the police must be notified as well. HICs are complex and made more difficult by the chaos of a client being temporarily homeless, so we recommend clients get professional legal advice. Without proper advice, a claimant may not only miss out on important facts and legal rights but also risks being awarded a much reduced settlement.

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access legal services professional legal services gta greater toronto area professional legal services


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